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The Gnarly Beauty

GNARLY Microfiber Velvet Beauty Sponge

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This ultra-soft, gentle beauty applicator not only gives you a flawless application everytime, but it's fibery surface is exponentially more sanitary than traditional sponges by blocking product from seeping into the center and lowering the chances potentially dangerous germs and fungus to build up inside.

The PLUSES +++

• Attain a feathery, airbrushed-like application with GNARLY microfiber velvet  beauty sponge. 

• Dew drop shape with a flat tip assists with a easy application all over, including corners and sensative areas of the skin.

• Surface feels soft like velvet and the barrier soaks up 50% less product than a traditional beauty sponge with a better application.

• Easy to clean with just water and your favorite oil based soap is recommended.