Pink Skincicle Ice Globes
Pink Skincicle Ice Globes
Pink ice globe glass beauty tool facial massager
Pink Skincicle Ice Globes
Pink Skincicle Ice Globes

Pink Skincicle Ice Globes

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These gorgeous, cool facial tools have multiple ways to bring your best-looking face forward.

Use both Skincicles to massage serums deep into the skin for the ultimate glow. Use daily for a slimmer face. Depuff and soothe bags instantly by gently gliding and smoothing under your eyes -- no need to press. 

Instantly erase redness from abrasive beauty practices like waxing, derma rolling, micro-needling, injections, etc. 



  • Oxygenate skin by stimulating circulation
  • Tighten and prime skin before foundation
  • Reduce pore size
  • Promote the production of collagen for youthful skin
  • Treat sinus headaches and migraines
  • Soothe the appearance of redness & pimples
  • Exercise facial tissue & muscles for symmetrical face
  • Awaken dull skin 
  • Combat 'jet lag' under eyes and face

        Our Skincicles are made with Borosilicate glass, making them smoother and more resistant to thermal shock than any other common glass. 30 minutes in the freezer for the ultimate chill. This product is a non-toxic and beautiful addition to any skincare collection.



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